Issue 24: June 10

Dear Max,

Should I brush my short haired dog?






Dear Laura,

Of course! I'm no short haired dog but I have plenty of buddies who are and they love and need to be brushed just as much as us long haired beauties. Here are some reasons why:


  • Regular brushing removes dead skin cells and promotes healthy skin.
  • Brushing can cut down on shedding and distributes our natural oils for a shiny coat. Not all of us can roll out of the doggy bed looking good.
  • If you’re using a flea comb you can help keep creepy crawlies off of us.
  • Grooming sessions are a good time to monitor our health and make sure there are no new lumps or bumps below our coat.
  • It’s a good time to bond. I consider a good brushing to be like a relaxing massage and the more face time I get with my humans the better.


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