Issue 6: June 09
dhn_askmax2Dear Max,

I love being outdoors and exercising, but always feel guilty when I leave my dog behind while I'm out on a run. What can I do include my dog in my workout routine?

– Guilty Runner

Dear Guilty,

You're in luck. In most cases, including your dog in your workout is easy, since we dogs love being outdoors and exercising too. Exercising with my human always makes me happy: I'm getting a great workout, being outdoors is always fun, and I get to have some extra bonding time with my favorite human.

But there are a few crucial things you'll need to consider before you leash up your dog for a run. For example, it's best to leave some dogs at home and take them for a walk, rather than a run. In addition, you have to exercise caution when exercising with your dog; for example, watch your pace, especially at first, and give your dog sufficient water. In fact, one of the first steps you should take is consulting with your veterinarian, to come up with a running plan that will work well for both you and your dog. There's much more information in this article: Running with Your Dog.

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