Issue 7: July 09
dhn_askmax2Dear Max,

Lately my humans have been talking about fireworks. I'm really scared of those things and the loud noises they make. Do you get scared too? Is there anything my humans can do to help me get over my fear?

– Scared-y Dog

Dear Scared-y,

I don't like the loud noises fireworks make either. In fact, most dogs don't, so you're not alone in your fear. Your humans can do plenty to help you feel more comfortable during a fireworks show. One of the things my humans do for me when they anticipate that fireworks will be going off is create a safe hiding place for me.

They know that as soon as I hear the first firecracker, I'm running off looking for a place to hide, so before all the commotion starts, they prepare a safe area for me in which I'll be able to take refuge during the noise. They always set me up in a small room or my crate, since when I hide I look for enclosed, secluded places like a closet or under the bed. My attentive humans, always watching out for my welfare, try to recreate that cozy, protected feeling for me. They furnish my "safe room" with my bed and a few of my favorite toys, and play soft music or leave the TV on. That way, I'm surrounded by familiar, comforting possessions and non-threatening sounds that at least partially cover up the loud bangs and booms outside.

There's even a "DOGGY AROMATHERAPY" product you can buy, which I find really soothes my edgy nerves during stressful situations.

To learn more about what your humans can do to help you cope during holidays that involve fireworks – such as the Fourth of July coming up – please have them read this useful article: FIREWORKS PHOBIA IN DOGS

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