Issue 26: July 10

Dear Max,


Why does my dog Buddy insist on sticking his nose in people’s crotches when they come over for a visit? It is so embarrassing—to all of us, except Buddy.


Embarrassed & Confused


Dear E & C,

Humans don’t like the crotch sniffing thing, but I’m with Buddy on this one. The best way to figure out who’s coming to visit is to get up-close and personal by smelling their nether region. Humans often want to look us right in the eyes, which for us canines is rarely the smartest way to greet a stranger.

We get important information on who’s visiting us by smelling them. Truthfully, we can do it from a distance, but it’s canine nature to go right for the crotch.

Read this article about why dogs sniff privates to learn more about why we do it and what you can do to create a good balance for all.


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