Issue 31: October 10
dhn_askmax2Dear Max,

My human is threatening to take away Penn, my tennis ball, because I chew it all the time—what’s up with that? I love Penn. I need Penn. I will be totally desolate without it, what can I do?

–Pining for Penn

Dear Pining,

I know exactly what you mean—I love my tennis balls so much, but I learned that in order to keep them, I couldn’t chew them. The fuzzy texture of the balls can wear down our teeth if we chew them a lot. And if they are dirty—my favorite state—the dirt and grit further wears our teeth.

My human compromised with me and brings out my favorite tennis balls only for play and fetch. She keeps them clean and takes them away if I start chewing them. But then she gives me a Huck ball, or a rope toy to chew so I don’t miss the tennis ball.

I find this solution suits me well and I can bear the separation from Penn as a constant companion.

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