Issue 9: September 09

Dear Dr. Schelling,

My husband I were just talking . . . Our dogs, Scamp and Scout, nine and ten years old, respectively, aren't puppies anymore. They're still healthy and enjoy playing and talking walks. But they've slowed down a little bit.

For some reason this morning, it really hit us that humans outlive their dogs. So we vowed to make every day Scamp and Scout have left – and we hope that's a lot! – fun, happy, and satisfying for them.

We're also committed to keeping them as healthy as possible. What advice do you have for us?

– Elena in DC

Dear Elena,

The dedicated care that your husband and you obviously have for Scamp and Scout may be the most important factor of all when it comes to ensuring their health and happiness. It will motivate you to be attentive to their needs, provide a comfortable and accommodating environment for them, bring them to the veterinarian for their required checkups, and contact your vet's office when you suspect something's wrong with either of them. This article, CARING FOR YOUR SENIOR DOG explains what to expect as your dogs age, and how to help keep your older best friends happy, healthy, and wagging their tails.

-Dr. Schelling
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