Issue 30: September 10
Dear Dr. Schelling,

I have an adorable new German Shepherd puppy, he is 6 weeks old now and has tons of energy. I’m having a lot of fun with him. We have one problem: he has tons of fleas. He’s always scratching all over his body and biting at himself. How do I get rid of these annoying pests?

-Scratchy Shepherd

Dear Scratchy Shepherd,

I am so sorry for your predicament. Fleas can be really annoying to puppies and can cause a lot of discomfort. My first suggestion is that you immediately make an appointment with a veterinarian to assess the general health of the puppy. The veterinarian will provide information and advice about external and internal parasite prevention and control, nutrition, vaccinations, and puppy husbandry.

Flea and tick control in young puppies and pregnant and lactating mothers can have unique challenges. Products that are safe in non-pregnant adults are not always safe in neonates.

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-Dr. Schelling
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