Issue 8: August 09
Dear Dr. Schelling,

We're excited about adding Cornelius, a rescued mixed breed dog, to our family next week. He's our first pet. We've been reading up on dogs, getting ready for the big day. It seems dogs like to drink from all sorts of questionable sources of water, like puddles and (ugh) the toilet. How can we entice Cornelius to drink only fresh, clean water?

– New "Dog -Mom" To-Be

Dear New Dog Mom,

Congratulations on your new arrival. It sounds like Cornelius will have a wonderful home. In this article, WATER IS A DOG'S BEST FRIEND, I discuss the importance of water for dogs and provide suggestions on how to lead your dog to clean fresh water and inspire your dog to drink adequate amounts of this essential nutrient.

-Dr. Schelling
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