Issue 13: December 09
Dear Dr. Schelling

I've had my lovable Mutt, Lucky, for a little over six months and we're about to take our first real road trip. So far, he's only gone in the car to the dog park (loves it) and the vet (not so much). We're going to my parents for the holidays (and I think they're more excited about meeting their grand-dog than they are about seeing me, but that's ok). The trip will last two days, with an overnight stay at a motel. How can I make this adventure more fun, or at least not too stressful for my popular pooch?

Also—next year, due to a job transfer, Lucky and I will be on the other coast and most likely will have to fly to see the parents. I wouldn't mind some advance tips for that either.

- Jake(and Lucky)

Dear Jake,

With some planning, attentiveness, and a positive attitude, Lucky's likely to have good time on the road with his favorite human. Start with a pre-road trip vet check. Bring along necessities such as medications, food, water, IDs, and favorite toys. Make sure Lucky gets ample potty breaks and walking time along the way. There are many more considerations, and they're explained in this new article: TRAVELING WITH YOUR DOG, which has guidance for car and plane trips with your dog and for leaving your dog back home when that's the best travel option. In fact, you may want to bring a copy of the article on your trip, as a reminder check-list.

It certainly sounds like Lucky will have lots of love and affection the whole time, not only from you but from his extended human family. The two of you may have some fun stories about your first road trip that you'll share for years.

-Dr. Schelling
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