Issue 21: April 10

Dear Dr. Schelling,

My dog is constantly getting diarrhea. It seems we’re at the vet’s office every other month for expensive tests and treatments. What should I do?


-Betsy W., Chestnut Hill, MA

Dear Betsy,

For many dogs, the occasional bout of diarrhea goes with the territory. Too many tasty scraps at the family picnic, something gross snatched off the sidewalk, a stressful visit to the groomer, a case of worms. Diarrhea is a frequent reason that dogs are brought to the vet. Many cases of diarrhea are mild and self-limiting and can be managed simply. Rarely, diarrhea can become chronic, or strike acutely and be life threatening. Click here to learn what to do when your dog gets diarrhea.


-Dr. Schelling

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