Issue 2: February 09
Dear Dr. Schelling,

Why should I brush my dog's teeth? My dog won't sit still for tooth-brushing, not to mention . . . how will I find the time?


Dear Gary,

These two excellent questions are perfect for February, which is National Pet Dental Health Month.

Why should you brush your dog's teeth? Imagine what would happen if you never brushed your own teeth! Plaque and food residue build up quickly, and over time these accumulated deposits damage your teeth and gums, causing odor, infection, pain, and tooth loss. This scenario is a reality for many dogs. Studies show that by as early as age three, as many as 85% of dogs have some form of gum disease.

So how do you incorporate doggy tooth-brushing into your already-busy life? It may be easier than you think. With some patience and practice, a one-minute daily routine can have a big impact on your dog's long-term health.

In this new article I present more in-depth reasons for brushing your dog's teeth, and lay out a simple plan for getting your canine buddy to accept - possibly even enjoy - this very worthwhile preventive health measure.

-Dr. Schelling
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