Past Newsletters
Issue 61:

Arthritis in Dogs, Canine Anxiety

Issue 60:

Dog Appeasing Pheromones for Stress, Training with Treats

Issue 59:

Dogs and Bones, Holiday Hazards

Issue 58:

Thanksgiving Hazards, Traveling with Your Dog

Issue 57:

Top 10 Emergencies For Dogs, Begging Behavior

Issue 56:

Bladder Issues, Dog Drinking Toilet Water Behavior

Issue 55:

Halloween Hazards For Dogs, Why Dogs Roll In Yucky Stuff

Issue 54:

Caring For Senior Dogs, Keeping Your Dog Entertained While You're Out

Issue 53:

Water For Dogs, Why Dogs Like To Roll In Yucky Stuff

Issue 52:

Hemangiosarcoma, Dog Park Etiquette

Issue 51:

Hypothyroidism In Dogs, How To Remove Ticks

Issue 50:

Shaving Dogs In The Summer, Are Dogs Color Blind

Issue 49:

How To Clean Urine Stains, Dog Hoarding Behavior

Issue 48:

CPR for Dogs, Dog Nipping Behavior

Issue 47:

Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs, Dog Adoption Tips

Issue 46:

Rattlesnake Vaccine for Dogs, Dog Myths Part Two

Issue 45:

First Aid Kit for Dogs, Dog Myths Part One

Issue 44:

First Aid for Dogs, Poisonous Toads

Issue 43:

Canine Heart Disease, Training Your Dog to Come on Command

Issue 42:

Separation Anxiety in Dogs, Destructive Dog Chewing Behavior

Issue 41:

Crate Training, Dogs and Kids

Issue 40:

Dental Care for Dogs, Can Dogs Sense Your Emotions

Issue 39:

Dogs and Love, Chocolate Toxicity In Dogs

Issue 38:

Dog anal sac disease, Healthy treats for dogs

Issue 37:

Dog ear infections, Why dogs eat poop

Issue 36:

Dogs and bones, Potential holiday hazards for dogs

Issue 35:

How to keep your dog active while you're away, How to spoil your dog

Issue 34:

Thanksgiving hazards for dogs, Traveling with your dog

Issue 33:

Ringworm in dogs, Golf balls and dogs

Issue 32:

Halloween hazards for dogs, Why dogs roll in yucky stuff

Issue 31:

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus, Dogs and tennis balls

Issue 30:

Dog Fleas, Dog shampoo

Issue 29:

Vomiting in dogs, How to train your dog to sit

Issue 28:

Halitosis in dogs, Why dogs bury bones

Issue 27:

Top ten emergencies in dogs, Dog begging behavior

Issue 26:

Cuterebra infestation, Dog crotch sniffing

Issue 25:

Fourth of July safety for dogs, Fireworks phobia in dogs, Do dogs sweat

Issue 24:

How to tell if your dog is sick, Grooming for short-haired dogs

Issue 23:

Early neutering for dogs, Tug-o-war for dogs

Issue 22:

How well do dog hear, Why are dogs loyal

Issue 21:

Diarrhea in dogs, Can dogs smile

Issue 20:

How to induce vomiting, Poisonous plants for dogs

Issue 19:

Cleaning dog urine, Potty training your puppy

Issue 18:

Dog parasites, Xylitol toxicity in dogs

Issue 17:

Wet vs. Dry food for dogs, Why dogs have cold wet noses

Issue 16:

Dogs and love, Dog scratch reflex

Issue 15:

Rescue dogs, Why dogs wag their tails

Issue 14:

Sexual behavior in dogs, Why dogs have whiskers

Issue 13:

Traveling with your dog, How to spoil your dog, How to photograph your dog

Issue 12:

Microchipping for dogs, Why dogs howl

Issue 11:

Thanksgiving hazards for dogs, Dog tail chasing

Issue 10:

Halloween hazards for dogs, Dog myths, Why dogs roll in yucky stuff

Issue 9:

Caring for senior dogs, Keeping your dog entertained while you're out

Issue 8:

Water for dogs, Homemade toys for dogs

Issue 7:

Dog Fourth of July safety, Dog fireworks phobia

Issue 6:

Lawn Burn, Running with your dog

Issue 5:

Danger of fleas and ticks, Why dogs eat grass

Issue 4:

Heartworm disease, Dog preferring humans

Issue 3:

Obesity in dogs, How to tell if your dog is overweight, Dogs and territory

Issue 2:

Dental care for dogs, Chocolate toxicity in dogs

Issue 1:

Holiday safety for dogs, Potential holiday hazards for dogs, Skin issues in dogs, How to photograph dogs